Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?


Jan 2, 2020, 23:52 pm

Please share your rationalization!

Jan 3, 2020, 19:31 pm

Please share your rationalization!

One of the tried and tested ways to get more into art and to improve is life drawing.
Where you literally paint or draw from something you're analysing in life.
Then you have perspective drawing and pose drawing and you will learn by referencing things in real life.
Or images of real people posing.

Then you have it the flip side, as many things have been invented due to ideas given from art.
Art being a generalised word here for just created fictional things.
Such as star trek and other shows which have convinced people to look into making some inventions that were once just fictional art, into reality.
It's more of a cycle for both art and life inspiring and trading between one another.

Jan 14, 2020, 03:31 am

I agree with Hazer, it ultimately depends on the artist/creator of the art. Some prefer to find beauty in exploring what already exists while others seek to create something new or expand the horizons of what is known. Even so, I do think that even those that seek to create something new require a jump off point that is grounded in reality.