Aug 6, 2019, 10:25 am

So I just joined here cause it seems to have potential and I miss avatar sites/enjoy helping them get started.

You've probably seen me around in various forms/with various usernames. I've never really been able to stick since my previous homes poofed off the face of the planet.

That stated, and not wanting to go through the process of falling in love and then losing my home again, I have but one question...

Is this place still alive and being worked on?
Site Admin

Aug 7, 2019, 20:52 pm

Welcome to Lasria!

And yes, very much so. :) I am working on it every single day, but this is a long term/bigger project than most sites so it will take a lot longer (5 years in atm and counting). However...I think we'll be at a point where we can launch something impressive within a year.
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Aug 8, 2019, 08:39 am

Awesome. Then I will keep checking in on this place and will patiently wait until it gets a bit further along!

I look forward to seeing it grow.