Chatbot FAQ

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Jan 6, 2019, 23:48 pm

Chatbot FAQ:

What is the chatbot?
The chatbot is an exercise in creating grammar based dialogue with humans (distinguishing a question from a statement and the like, and then responding intelligently) with the intent to one day be used for the benefit of this site. The first version of the chatbot is very basic, and will likely not understand much of what you write to it...but hey, you get paid to try and talk to it!

Why should I bother talking to a dumb-bot when I can play games for money?
Well firstly, the chatbot will get smarter the more conversations it has. Over time, it will become less dumb and more interesting to chat with. Nothing is set in stone, but the chatbot may be used later on for a multitude of of which will likely be as serving as a backbone for NPCs on the forums/PMs/RPG. This depends entirely on how intelligent it can get from conversations with users, and if it doesn't improve to a capacity where it can pass as a human (or almost human) this will never happen.

Why is the chatbot so glitchy/stupid?
Because yours truly could only spare so much time to working on its programming before launching this forum. Chatbot had to compete with other priorities like responsive website design and features and art like the minigames and the avatars pixelwork. The chatbot got a fair amount of time, but was not highlighted during this period (and won't be until I see general interest in it pick up).

How can I help improve the chatbot?
Lasria is always looking for applications into its moderator program, and right now some of those users may be hand-selected to help with the bots intelligence improvement process. RIght now, this process is determined entirely by myself but that is likely to change in the near-future. What you can do in the immediate future is talk to the bot...a lot, and about a lot of different things. The bot will likely to be too simplistic to respond appropriately, but that's okay, it will get better over time, I promise and those conversations are the foundation for how it will achieve that.
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